NACSO Board of Directors

  • President - Robby Birnbaum

    Robby H. Birnbaum was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was admitted to the Florida and Wisconsin Bars in 1999. He is also admitted to the United States District Courts for the Southern District of Florida and Western District of Wisconsin. Mr. Birnbaum is a member of the Broward County, Palm Beach County, Florida, Wisconsin, and American Bar Associations. He is also a member of the Telemarketing, Internet and Privacy Subcommittee that serves the American Resort Development Association. Mr. Birnbaum was a Finalist, selected for the 2006 Up & Comers Award, by The South Florida Business Journal. He focuses extensively on regulatory practices for credit counseling and debt settlement agencies, marketing and advertising regulation, and regulatory compliance.

  • Vice President - Donna Perkins

    Ms. Perkins joined Kansas City Credit Services (KCCS) early in the 1990's as the Sales and Operations Manager, where she grew sales by over 300% and established partnerships throughout North America in two short years. She saw the potential of the credit repair industry and purchased the company when the owner decided to retire.

    Today, Kansas City Credit Services is a thriving business that has helped more than 100,000 families change their lives by restoring their credit profile and educating them on how to keep it that way throughout their lives. KCCS is one of the oldest credit repair services in the country, basing the main principles by which she practices her business on honesty, integrity, and consumer service. KCCS has been a member of the Better Business Bureau for 20 years and has maintained an A+ rating throughout that time.

    Considered a leading expert in her field, Donna is an active member of her industry and is an advisor to several other companies in the credit repair industry. She is one of just a few select experts in the field that participate in an invitation-only Master Mind Group that keeps up on trends. She has written articles for the Kansas City Small Business Magazine, and has been a guest panelist for advisory boards for Credit Repair Boot Camps across the nation. She has appeared on several local radio and television programs, and has addressed numerous consumer groups, companies, Real Estate and Mortgage organizations regarding assisting consumers to improving their credit and protecting their credit rights under the law.

    Her life mission is to defend consumer rights for those that have credit issues, and improve their financial lives. She has worked with Federal, State and local governmental and consumer credit organizations for the fair and accurate reporting of consumer credit. She is an extremely knowledgeable in the application of The Fair Credit Reporting Act, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and numerous other consumer protection laws implemented to safeguard the rights of each consumer. Educating the public on how to protect and rebuild their credit lives is her life!

    Relevant Experience in Lending – Originated mortgage loan products including but not limited to: conventional financing, VA, FHA, "BC" and subprime loans. Tasks ranged from interviewing clients, reviewing credit history, evaluating creditworthiness, submitting loan packages, clearing conditions and executing closings. Mr. Kusner also assisted in post closing compliance and audits.

    Ms. Perkins resides in Gladstone, Missouri with her family, and enjoys spending time with her two grandchildren. Donna is active in her local church, and gives back by putting on credit and debt seminars in the Kansas City and St. Louis areas. She donates time to the Battered Women's Association, Cancer Relay for Life Program, Little Sisters of the Poor and Mother's Refuge, and enjoys teaching wherever the need arises.


    • Vice President NACSO
    • Consistently maintained an A+ with the Better Business Bureau for 20+ years
    • Congressional Committee Small Business Advisory Board 2003-2008
    • Member of The National Association of Credit Services Organizations (NACSO)
    • Member of Business International
  • Treasurer - Jason Kaplan

    Jason Kaplan Esq., is president and co-founder of The Credit Pros Intl., a BBB accredited credit repair organization dedicated to the education and assistance of credit challenged consumers. Jason, is a graduate of Fordham University School of Law, is a Certified FICO Consultant, and has been certified in the Fair Credit Reporting Act by the CDRA (Consumer Data Industry Association). He has extensive knowledge of the legal system, and the Fair Credit Reporting Act and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Jason is a good standing member of the Florida, New York, Washington D.C. and New Jersey Bar Associations.

  • Secretary - Sandy Northup

    Sandra Northup is the CEO of A Plus Credit, Inc, a credit restoration, business credit and business financing company, dedicated to finding the perfect solution to help clients achieve the next step in their life and/or business. She is currently serving on the board of NACSO (National Association of Credit Services Organizations.) She went to Appalachian State University on a full academic scholarship and graduated with a degree in Accounting. She received an MBA from NC State University where she published an article that is used as a teaching tool at Universities such as Rutgers and Purdue. Sandy has 5 amazing children. She loves helping consumers and business owners make their dreams come true.

  • Board Member - Chad Kusner

    Chad Kusner, President of Credit Repair Resources, founder of Ohio Credit Repair Association, CRR is a Cleveland based credit consultant that assists and educates both consumer and business clients on FDCPA, FCRA, FACTA and FCBA laws. Mr. Kusner is widely recognized as a credit and lending expert.

    Chad is certified by the state of Ohio as a continuing education instructor. The course curriculum is focused on Credit Laws and Lending guidelines, outlining the historical evolution of the FCRA and FDCPA, the current credit environment and the forecast of credit standards to come.

    Chad has 15 combined years experience in the lending and credit markets including 10 years in Mortgage Lending with a nationally licensed correspondent lender and 5 years as President of Credit Repair Resources. Partnered with a consumer credit attorney of 19 years CRR Mr. Kusner's company is a licensed, bonded and insured credit restoration and consulting firm. CRR is compliant with all State and Federal laws and has zero complaints filed with the BBB in 6 years of reporting.

    Expert Training – Mr Kusner has extensive expert witness training completed with John Ulzheimer who is a nationally recognized credit expert, with 18 years of experience in the consumer credit industry. John spent 6 years working with Equifax and 7 years at the Fair Issac Corporation (FICO). John has since served as expert witness on more than 67 cases in both State and Federal Courts. Chad has studied more than 20 expert reports and court depositions. He has a clear understanding on the logistics and process of being an effective expert witness.

    Relevant Experience in Lending – Originated mortgage loan products including but not limited to: conventional financing, VA, FHA, "BC" and subprime loans. Tasks ranged from interviewing clients, reviewing credit history, evaluating creditworthiness, submitting loan packages, clearing conditions and executing closings. Mr. Kusner also assisted in post closing compliance and audits.

    Chad managed and trained teams of loan officers – Training consisted of interviewing clients, evaluating creditworthiness, creating loan documents, processing loans, reviewing HUD1 settlement statements and attending closings. Mr. Kusner also assisted loan officers with challenged loan files and dissatisfied clients. Furthermore Mr. Kusner trained loan officers in various automated underwriting models including but not limited to LP Loan Prospector for Freddie Mac and DU Desktop Underwriter for Fannie Mae.

    Mr. Kusner has firsthand experience of the most recent mortgage backed securities collapse of 2007. He has a clear understanding of the dynamics and effects various exotic loans and poor regulations had and continue to have on consumers including but not limited to: the Pay Option loan AKA Negative Amortization Loan, Stated income Stated asset W2 Borrower investment property loans, No Doc loans and 125% mortgages.

    Relevant experience at Credit Repair Resources – Mr Kusner has developed an effective method of credit report auditing utilizing the FCRA and FDCPA to ensure that credit reporting agencies and data furnishers are acting in full compliance of the law as well as the best interests of consumers. The CRR business model evaluates every applicant's personal credit profile to determine the best possible course of action. This pre-approval process combined with consistent monitoring of all aspects of his client's profiles is what has helped CRR keep its spotless complaint record.

    Truly acting as a consumer advocate has afforded Credit Repair Resources to establish business relationships with organizations that would otherwise never do business with a Credit Repair Organization CRO.

    Credit Repair Resources effectively manages 500-1000 ongoing clients, evaluating 50-100 new credit reports daily and active clients have their credit monitored monthly. CRR has given Chad a strong understanding of the effects changes in credit report information has on credit scoring. CRR not only monitors changes in negative postings, it also evaluates the effect of balances and the number of positive, open, active trades-lines have on credit scores.

    Mr. Kusner is a regular host of his radio show Credit 101 in Cleveland. He has been featured on otherradio shows including "The Advocate" on WHK radio on Cleveland, repeat appearances on "Stark Group Live" Real Estate Radio and Straight Talk With Hawk on WERE in Cleveland.

    Chad has spoken nationally on ethics, business practices and compliance in the Credit repair industry. He speaks frequently at various local organizations on responsible use of credit and understanding credit rights. He continues to keep an active Loan officers license and has completed his Federal SAFE Act Training and successfully passed his exam. He is committed to continued education focused on understanding credit laws, reporting and the effects felt by consumers.

    Mr. Kusner is pleased to provide use his education, experience and relationships to help NACSO in its efforts to raise the bar in the Credit Restoration industy.

  • Board Member - Greg Wilder

    Gregory C. Wilder is the President & CEO of several companies including Action Credit Repair, LLC. Greg has been providing consumers with Expert Advice on Credit, Credit Repair, Credit Scoring, Credit Restoration, Credit Education and Financial Management for over 20 years. He is widely regarded as one of the leading Experts in the field of Credit, Credit Education, Credit Repair and Credit Restoration.

    With the corporate office based in New York, Greg has built a business focused on Credit Score Improvement and Credit Education for consumers. He is a Certified FICO Expert, Credit Coach, and is currently serving as the Head of Compliance for the Association.

    Greg’s knowledge and experiences of the FICO Credit Scores, The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), The Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA), The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA), The Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act (CARD) & Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) makes him a tremendous resource for consumers.

    Greg is a national speaker and is routinely featured at educational seminars for Attorneys, Banks, Mortgage Loan Officers, Realtor, Chambers and Consumers regarding the complex subjects of Credit Reporting & Credit Scoring.

    Greg started his Credit Education & Restoration career in 1996 when he founded Sand Dollar Associates, Inc., a company recognized for assisting business owners with alternative financing for their business. One of his main focus was repairing their personal credit so they could secure greater funding options for their Company.

    After realizing that business owners weren't the only ones trying to improve their personal financial situation, he decided to separate the personal credit repair processes and founded Action Credit Repair, LLC, Repair My Own Credit, LLC & Texas Credit Repair, all to put a greater focus on the many of consumers desperately needing help with improving their personal credit files, so that they could get better rates and lower payments on Mortgages and Auto Loans, in addition to Insurance Premiums, and Student Loans. Greg's ability to effectively listen, consult, and take action for a client has made him a recognized leader in the Credit Repair Industry.